No votes cast at 21 polling stations in Jharkhand

Despite repeated pleas from local politicians and awareness programmes by the Election Commission of India, 21 polling stations saw not a single person coming out to cast his vote. These areas include some of the most remote and backward areas of Jharkhand, and to see that they do not yet want to choose their representative, speaks volume about their expectations from life.

Phase 2 of Jharkhand Assembly Elections were held on 2nd December. Of the total 81 Jharkhand constituencies, 14 went to polls in the second phase of elections. Of these, 12 have been marked as the areas of Maoist stronghold. Hence, fear of the maoist attacks kept away the voters. The fact that a paratrooper was killed in Giridih’s Teliabahiyar village due to a maoist triggered blast didn’t help at all.

Two booths in the Dumri assembly constituency in Giridih district saw zero turnout. Four booths in Tamar saw zero turnout as well. tamar is the seat from which high profile and then Chief Minister Shibu Soren lost the elections. overall, a 54.2 percent of polls were recorded.

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