Swine Flu death count in India reaches 699

699 people have been victims of swine flu till now, and more and more cases keep coming up on a daily basis. First death in the Jammu and Kashmir region was reported on Monday along with another death in Chandigarh. Three deaths were reported from Gujarat alone.

more swine flu cases in India

Swine flu has been spreading constantly across India. With the summers now over, and moist climate with cold weather across India, the flu is expected to become more severe. The weather itself has been very unpredictable this whole year, with extremely hot weather and no rain followed by unprecedented amount of rains in several parts of India. It’s raining in New Delhi on the night of 14th Dec 09, which in itself is quite unprecedented. Delhi has seen the highest number of swine flu cases, a total of 7300 has been reported in till now.

The cold weather has certainly added to the woes of swine flu victims. Gujarat reported three days on Monday itself, taking the total death tall in the state to 60. A pregnant women, who despite being on Tamiflu, succumbed to pregnancy- induced hypertension, after being diagnosed with swine flu. Jammu and Kashmir saw the first death on 14th Dec. Maharashtra has been the worst hit till now with 240 deaths, followed by Karnataka at 123. Rajasthan has seen 94 deaths so far.

With falling temperatures and swine flu cases being reported from across India, it’s important that you start to take extra precautions. Remember, prevention is better than cure and in Swine flu’s case when you prevent it, you not only save your life, but also of several others around you.

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