Tata Teleservices release Photon Tv for watching Live Tv online

Tata Photon + was Tata Teleservices premier Mobile broadband service, by which they offered excellent speeds of up to 3.1 mbps. The Photon Plus service has now gone a step ahead with the launch of the Photon Tv services which will now allow TATA Photon + Postpaid users to stream Live tv on to their laptops or Desktop Computers. this is the first time a live streaming USB Tv device has been introduced in the Indian market.

tata photon plus live tv streaming

Initially, Tata Photon Tv service will offer 40+ channels in various categories like News, Sports, entertainment, etc. You can also watch regional channels such as ETV Marathi, Gujarati, ETV Bangla, TV9 Kannada, etc. More channels will be added as the days progress. The content will only be streamed in the HSIA network.

This option will be greatly sought by users who have a big computer monitor and do not want to invest in a separate LCD screen. A user with a Full HD computer monitor like the Benq G2420HD, already has a lot of screen space, and would love to share his working desktop space with Live Tv viewing on one side. Currently, one has to use an external Tv tuner card or internal Tv tuner card to enable computer screens to beam the Tv signals from a set top box. This method is cost effective for the desktops, but obviously you can’t watch Tv on the move, the way you can now with Photon Plus.

Charges for Photon TV

Single Channel : @ Rs. 4 per month.

My 10 : Combination of 10 channels @ Rs 29 per month.

My Full Pack : All channels @Rs75 per month.

Remember that browsing charges as per your Photon+ tariff plan would be applicable while viewing Photon TV. These charges would be over and above the subscription charges for the Photon TV (approximate data usage is 1-2MB per Min). So overall, the service can prove really costly for now. Also, these rates doesn’t include charges for special events like cricket matches etc.

Tata Photon Plus offers different packages across different circles in India. However, even the maximum package which costs around 1500 rs and gives you a data transfer of 15 GB, won’t let you view the Live TV for approximately more than 4 hrs a day (4 hr consumption=480 MB, 30 days=14400 MB= 14GB). Anymore than that, and you’ll pay around 1 Rs. per minute. And this is considering that you won’t use photon + for any browsing options. So, if you compare the prices with the current Tv set-top box rates, it’d be obvious that Photon + is more glitter than gold for now.

Maybe, a few more companies like Reliance or Bharti Airtel will enter this segment soon, and the consumers might see a price drop.

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