Cricket Legend Maharaja Ranjitsinh’s palace looted

Indian Cricket’s famous legend, Maharaja Ranjitsinh’s palace was broken into on Monday by unidentified culprits. Valuables up to the tune of almost Rs. 4 crore are said to have been stolen.

cricketer Ranjitsinh
Jamnagar palace in Ahmedabad

The palace, more famously known as Jam Bungalow, is situated in Jamnagar, Ahmedabad. Shatrushailyasinh Jadeja is now the owner of the premises. Shatrushailyasinh Jadeja is a direct descendant of Maharaja Ranjitsinh. However, the bungalow has remained empty for the past 15 months as no one has lived there. Although many places have been converted in to Govt heritages or museums and act as a tourist spot, Maharaja’s palace remains in the control of its owner.

The valuables kept in the Mahal included swords, the crown, golden grip, Ranjitsinh’s cricket bat and other antiquities belonging to the royal family. The police is yet to confirm about the magnitude of stolen goods as well as what all things were stolen.

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