Haldiram Owner sent to life term imprisonment

One of the most famous tycoons to come out of Calcutta, and owner of the famous Haldiram Bhujiawala, Prabhu Shankar Agarwal, was sent to jail for a life term imprisonment today, following his conviction on an attempt to murder case.

The case started in 2005 with an attempt to murder Satyanarayan Sharma. Mr Sharma had a tea stall in the Burrabazar area, where Prabhu Shankar Agarwal wanted to create a food plaza. Agarwal’s efforts failed to get Mr. Sharma evicted from a place he had been running for over 50 years. Subsequently, hired goons tried to kill him, but injured his nephew instead on march 30th 2005.

Agarwal was arrested 2 months later, on his return from Londoa, where ironically, he had gone to open his first overseas store. Others arrested with him and sent for life improsonment include Gopal Tiwari, Arun Khandelwal, Manoj Sharma and Raju Sonkar.

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