Heavy fog disrupts life across North India

Heavy fog for the past few days have disrupted life in Northern India. Air, rail as well as road traffic have been affected and delays have been observed all around.

Heavy fog led to delay in over 80 flights in New Delhi Airport. The visibility at the Noida Toll Bridge was reported to be zero for some time. It is being said that this is the heaviest fog in Delhi for the past 7 years. Delhi received some rain last week, and it is being said that the moisture left because of the rain is responsible for the thick fog. Thick fog makes the weather feel even colder as the sun mostly remains invisible.

Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh have also reported thick fogs which close to zero visibility. Temperature in these areas remained around 1 to 5 Celsius. Jammu was at 4 C, which is about 4 degrees below the normal.

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