Ministers watch as a Sub Inspector bleeds to death in Tamil Nadu

Ministers are people’s representatives, elected by the common man to help protect and enrich their lives. But what happened in Tamil Nadu on Friday Night, will not just change the belief but will also force you to hang your head in shame for choosing such ministers. A Sub Inspector of police, victim of a crude bomb explosion, bled to death while the Ministers waited for the ambulance to come.

Attack by a gang with “pipe bombs” and sickle at Ambur near Alwarkurichi in Tirunelveli district of southern Tamil Nadu heavily injured a sub-inspector of police. Soon enough, State health minister MRK Panneerselvam, health secretary VK Subburaj, director of public health S Elango, environment minister TPM Mohideen Khan and Tirunelveli collector M Jayaraman reached the spot to show the News Channels their concern. Tv reporters reached the spot to cover the event. However, what never reached the spot was an ambulance. An ambulance which could have saved the life of the sub-inspector, took 30 min to reach the spot. Meanwhile, neither the Ministers nor the Tv crew members had the slightest humanity left in them to help the injured guy and send him to the hospital in the vehicles standing there.

Video coverage clearly shows the sub-inspector on ground, writhing in pain. It shows him trying to sit up, which he eventually couldn’t because of severely damaged lower half. And the same video shows Ministers and officials standing near by, not even trying to talk to the injured guy. the Minister is seen talking on his cell phone, which he later said was used to make a call for the Ambulance.

Have we all really become so indifferent with humanity that we can not feel someone’s pain? Will the media, the police, the hospital have reacted the same way if was a high profile minister lying on the road, dying? Maybe by tomorrow, everyone will even forget about the sub-inspector, but spare a thought for his two sons, who will not have to live their life without their father, just because a Minister and several officials did not had the common sense to use available vehicles to send the man to the Hospital.

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