North India Shivers, Several Deaths reported

Weather Gods have come out in full fury over Northern India. The mercury has taken a huge dip sending everyone shivering in the Northern parts of India. As a result, several deaths have been reported from these areas.

Fog in Northern India

Fall in temperature is mostly linked to snowfall in the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Some places, like Delhi, witnessed rainfall on Sunday. Delhi’s Temperature as a result took a dip.

The worst hit are people who live on the streets, the slum dwellers, the rag pickers, the rickshaw pullers and so on. With absolutely no plan from the Govt to provide them with a viable shelter, they are left wandering in the cold, resigned to their future.

Due to intense fog, train collision incidents are on rise. On Sunday itself, three trains collided leading to death of 6 people and injury to several others. All three accidents happened in Uttar Pradesh, where the fog gets really thick. As a result, several trains were canceled on Monday, leaving people stranded at stations. Airports are also witnessing delays and unhappy passengers. An Air India flight, which had to be routed to Mumbai, instead of Delhi, because of heavy fog, was kept hostage by 20 of its passengers for entire Sunday night. The passengers were angry with the delay and not being able to land in Delhi.

It’s not that India is facing extreme cold for the first time ever. This happens every year around Dec-Jan. It’s just that Govt sleeps every year without doing anything special to keep things organized. Airports and Trains need fog lamps, people on the streets need a rehabilitation home with central heating, things need to be in place. But all Govt does every year is panic, and release statements saying severe cold hits India and they are trying to help. Trains continue to collide, planes continue to get get delayed and people on the streets continue to die. Hope, some day Govt will really wake up and look in to this.

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