Salman Khan’s Veer releases, but fails to impress

Salman Khan gets the credit for the story of his latest release Veer, but if only his vision was more related to the current generation, and the movie was directed a lot better, Veer could have just made it at the Box office.

Veer from Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan teamed up with the director of “Gadar”, Anil Sharma, to make a dream project. If only the execution was even 10% like the dream project of James Cameron’s Avatar, we would have a winner in Veer. But unfortunately Veer fails to impress anyone. The movie has nothing going right for it from the start. The story is very cliche. A warriro looking to avenge the pride of his tribe, falling in love with the enemies daughter and then fighting between his love and his pride. You get a feeling of been there, seen that before…

If only the movie was directed a lot better, with a much grander look and better story and better acting from the newcomer Heroine, it’d have been a fun movie to watch. But then, if all these were done, it wouldn’t have been Veer either!

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