YSR’s Death an Ambani Conspiracy? says Russian Magazine

YSR, Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister, died in a helicopter crash on 3rd Sep 2009. The nation was taken aback by his sudden demise. He was counted among the best Chief Ministers the nation has ever produced and his sudden death left millions in India sad. Now, a Russian Magazine states that his death might be a result of conspiracy.

After just about 4 months of his death, a Russian Magazine, named Exile, has created a stir by saying that the Ambani brothers might be behind the death of YSR. It’s editorial points to oil found by RIL in the Krishna-Godavari basin. RIL considers this as it’s own property, while YSR was of the view that it belonged to the nation. It’s this contention which is being referred to by Exile magazine as the reason behind YSR’s death.

Andhra Pradesh was already simmering under the Telangana and separate state issues. The YSR death conspiracy news has just added more cause for worry. Soon after the TV channels beamed this news, several political outfits, primarily led by Congress, took the streets and destroyed Relinace Group properties. A bandh has been called by Congress starting Friday and things may just turn even worse. Some skeptics believe that the whole thing can be another conspiracy by the Govt to take away public interest from the Telangana issue, which is currently proving a hard one to solve for the Central Govt of India.

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