3 Day long Jharkhand Maoist strike hits services

A 72-hour strike called by Maoists in Jharkhand has badly hit the road and rail services in the state. The strike, which started on Sunday and will continue till Tuesday, has been called on to protest against the proposed initiative by the Jharkhand Govt to destroy the Maoists.

As over 80% of Jharkhand railway stations fall in the Maoist controlled areas, seven trains were canceled, and 5 others, like Ranchi-New Delhi Rajdhani Express were diverted because if the Jharkhand Maoist strike. Road services have been affected too, with no long distance buses plying.

Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal have decided to launch a joint offensive against the Maoists, which will be known as Green Hunt. It’s going to be one of a large scale operation, involving attack through air as well as land forces.

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