Blast at German Bakery in Pune, 9 dead 56 injured

Memories of Mumbai attack came haunting back as India witnessed a bomb blast in Pune at 7.30 pm IST on 13th Feb. 9 people including 2 foreigners are said to have died and another 56 have been injured.

Blast at Pune Bakery

The Pune bomb blast occurred at German Bakery, which is situated near the Osho Ashram in Pune. The Koregaon Park area, where German Bakery is, is a high sensitivity area because of the presence of a Jewish center here as well. A waiter is said to have found an unclaimed bag, and when he tried to open it, the blast occurred.

This area is supposedly one of those which were scanned by David Headley. News reports suggest that recently the police protection in this area was removed, which is quite surprising, as this has been a high priority area.

It’s said that RDX was used to trigger the blast. The first indications are towards IM or LeT operatives. After the blasts in Delhi and Jaipur, it was the third time that date 13th was chosen for a blast.

Subsequently, security has been tightened in Haridwar, where the Kumbh mela is being held. An alert has been issued at the airport and railway stations in Mumbai.

The ATS force and anti terror squads have now reached Pune. The injured are being treated at the Budharani and Sasoon Hospitals in Pune.

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