Chief Post-Master General caught accepting bribe of Rs 1.25 crore

Rs. 1.25 crore as bribe…wow! People do have that much money, in a poor country like India, to give in bribes. And more importantly, we do have people like Manjit Singh Bali, Chief Post-Master General of Maharashtra and Goa, who dare to demand such bribes.

The bribe was asked from a person for issuing NOC for developing a government plot meant for housing a post-office. Two middlemen, Harish Dalmiya and Arun Dalmiya, were also arrested. The total demand for the bribe was Rs. 2 crore.

Manjit Singh Bali, is just one of several such corrupt officers who are building their own empires, on the expense of the common man. 1.25 crore bribe won’t be his first, and as we have seen before, it won’t be his last. In next six months, if not earlier, he’ll get a bail and return back to office. Then, he’ll demand more bribes to make up for the lost months.

We in India need to understand that it’s actually these guys who are responsible for the rot India is currently in. All around, you see people troubled with poverty, illiteracy, lack of medical services, no job opportunities and much more. How can you really expect India to boom as a country when corrupt officials like Manjit Singh Bali keep making crores and crores in illegal money, and helping a select few to get richer and richer.

We need a stricter law to check these corrupt officials. China has provisions to even hang people found indulging in corruption. Maybe, we need to follow the same here. We need to set a tough example so that future generations can learn to be non-corrupt.

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