Schools to remain closed in Delhi during 2010 Commonwealth Games

The Delhi Govt has decided to keep the schools closed during the upcoming 2010 Commonwealth Games. The decision has been taken so that traffic congestion can be managed during that time.

Delhi has been busy creating Commonwealth Games infrastructure, roads, metro rail links, etc for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. however, traffic congestion is something which has till now found no solutions. You go out on some of the most common roads in Delhi, and you can remain stuck for hrs during peak times. In an effort to bring down the congestion on roads, Delhi Govt has now decided to keep the schools in Delhi closed for the entire duration of Commonwealth Games.

For students, this would like seem like Winter Holidays, which generally start in Dec, has started early. Commonwealth Games are being held from 3rd of Oct to 14th Oct, that is from Sun to next week’s Thursday. So, from Oct 1st to Oct 17th, Delhi school kids will have a holiday. Maybe, it’s time for them to start planning their holidays from now. In return hiowever, they can expect a shorter summer vacation next year.

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