Agni-I inducted into Indian Missile Arsenal

Tests on Agni-I missile were carried out successfully at 1.05 pm from Wheeler Island in Orissa on Sunday. The missiles are now the newest addition to India’s glorious missile arsenal.

Agni-I has been indigenously developed and have a range of 700 Kms. It comes with a new navigation system to help it home on a target. For the testing purpose, the missile was made to climb a height of 300 Kms before homing in on the target.

This is the thrid successful test done in two days. On Saturday DRDO had successfully test-fired the Prithivi-II and its naval version Dhanush. While Prithvi-II was test-fired from a mobile launcher in the ITR, Dhanush was test-fired from INS Subhadra, about 50 nautical miles from Puri.

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