Ice found on moon by Chandrayaan, is life next?

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Ice found on moon by Chandrayaan, is life next?

First it was water, and now Chandrayaan I probe has found water ice on moon. NASA has confirmed that one of its payloads on Chandrayaan I has found water ice on moon.

water ice on moon by Chandrayaan
Green arrows indicate the water ice craters

Chandrayaan I mission, India’s first moon mission, has been fairly successful. It first discovered vapour on the moon, then came the startling discovery of water molecules and now finally the ice.

Nasa’a payload MiniSar, which was on Chandrayaan, has detected at least 40 craters with water ice. that’s almost equivalent to a whopping 600 million metric tonnes of water. This has been found in the Moon’s north pole. Each crater is said to be ranging between two to 15 kms in diameter.

Obviously, the finding has got everyone buzzing. NASA is buoyed by the fact that it can now easily set up a human colony on the moon. The ice could be melted to produce water or oxygen for humans and hydrogen for rocket fuels. A base on the moon will help NASA in easily launching interplanetary missions from the Moon. Many consider this finding as finding of the millennium.

It’d be interesting to see if someone comes out with a theory to support life on the moon. If water or ice is present on the moon, and that too in substantial quantity, then it may just be possible that life, even in the most microscopic form, may actually exist on the moon.

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