India Route Navigator with Directions

How many times have you started for some place, only to be baffled by roads and frustrated by lack of direction? And as we all know, buying a satellite navigation guide is not really for everyone.

That’s really where our India route navigator comes in. If you are away from your home, and have an Edge or GPRS enabled cell phone with you, just navigate to the address Input your current location and the destination location and wait for the map to load. The map will show you a clear turn by turn navigation, even giving you directions, and total distances covered. What’s more, you can get the directions even in Hindi!

How to use the India route navigator:

1. Add your origin in the From field. Be specific. For eg, if you are in Delhi, write like Chandni Chowk, Delhi
2. Add your destination in the To field. So if you are planning to visit Connaaught Place in Delhi, write Connaught Place, Delhi.
3. Choose a language. You can get the driving directions even in Hindi!
4. Click on Get Directions, and let the map plot the turn by turn navigation for you.
5. You can get a zoomed view of the direction by clicking on any results that show up in the “Turn By Turn Directions” window.

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