Kripalu Maharaj Ashram stampede kills 63

A stampede at the Kripalu Maharaj Ashram at Kunda in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh killed 63 people, all women and children, while injuring at least 30 more.

stampede at kripalu Maharaj ashramKripalu Maharaj Ashram stampede

It was an occasion to mark the first death anniversary wife of Kripalu Maharaj. More than 10000 people gathered at the event, mostly lured by promise of free food, some utensils like a plate, and clothes.

Obviously proper planning was not done by the organizers of the event, as just a narrow passage marked the exit route. When the gate holding back people gave way, hoards of people surged forward at once. Children at the front of the queue fell down, followed by their mothers, who tried to rescue their child. Soon, it was stampede all across, and since the exit gates were too small, more and more people fell prey.

Since no medical help was available in the near vicinity, it took a lot of time for ambulances and rescue teams to reach the spot. The villagers meanwhile helped the injured and took them to the near by hospitals.

A similar case of stampede took over 200 lives in Jodhpur, Rajasthan last year.

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