Poor State’s Chief Minister gets garland worth Rs. 5 Crore

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Poor State’s Chief Minister gets garland worth Rs. 5 Crore

One feels there is a limit to how low our politicians can go, and when one decides that’s the lowest they have seen, the politicians stoop even lower. One such incidence happened today when UP Chief Minister Mayawati was presented a garland worth Rs. 5 crore.

Mayawati gets a 5 crore garland

Uttar Pradesh happens to be one of the poorest and most backward states of India. Unemployment and illiteracy are rampant and lack of opportunities sees a huge influx of people moving out to near by states every year. However, that hasn’t stopped Mayawati, the current UP CM, to build huge monuments bearing her party’s election symbol, the elephant, and in memory of her party’s co-founder Kanshi Ram. Several thousand Crore of exchequers money was squandered away by Mayawati’s Govt in building these, which could have easily gone into creating better infrastructure, roads, electricity, etc for the common man.

Today, at a Bahujan Samaj Party function organized in Lucknow, Mayawati was presented with a garland worth Rs. 5 Crore by her party members from karnataka. In circumstances when the common man is reeling under price rise and economic downturn, such show of wasting money can only be termed as shameful. What’s even worse is the way the Karnataka unit of BSP were trying to evade this. When specifically asked by a news channel, they first feigned ignorance, and then starting speaking of a exotic flower used to make the garland, which looks like money. Photographs and Camera shots however clearly confirmed that 1000 Rs notes were used to make the garland. News reports suggest that over 50,000 notes of Rs. 1000 each were used to make the garland!

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