Census 2011 begins in Gujarat on 21st April

Work for a nationwide census begins in Gujarat from April 21st. The 2011 census is clearly one of India’s most ambitious projects, as it’s not easy to trace a billion people and get mandatory information from them.

To start off, just the basic identification information about individuals will be collected; the photos and the biometric data will be collected at a later date. It has been mandatory for the citizens to provide the census officials with the required information. Anyone declining to do so may be eligible for a fine of Rs. 1000.

The data collected through this exercise will form the National Population Register (NPR). Starting with Gujarat on April 21st, the census officials will visit with two forms – one for the ‘House-listing and Housing Census’ and the other for personal information (such as name, gender, age etc) for the NPR.

The work on the photo and biometric registrations will begin two months after this first phase.

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