CID records Swami Nithyananda’s interrogation without sound!

In a major embarrassment to the top investigating agency in India, the CID group interrogating Swami Nityananda recorded the entire thing without any sound.

Swami Nityanand's interrogation

Swami Nityananda was earlier arrested in the sex scam on April 21st from Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. He was then moved to Bangalore for intense interrogation. Swami appeared in court on April 22nd, and was sent to police custody for four days.

The CID team decided to interrogate the Swami on Friday and a local technician was asked to fit the CCTV. The video was recorded perfectly, but there was absolutely no audio in the recording. It’s quite amazing that a group as professional as the CID can do such silly mistakes.

The CID went through the entire exercise once again on Sunday. With the proven fact that Swami Nityanand was not a willing party to the interrogation in the first place, CID did have some very hard time redoing it again.

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