Jharkhand Govt in turmoil, BJP withdraws support

Jharkhand is susceptible to political instability, but no one really expected that just 6 months after the Nov-Dec 2009 elections, it will again face the same turmoil. After Shibu Soren’s double cross in the Parliament on Monday, BJP has removed its support from the state Govt.

Shibu Soren backstabs BJP, shakes hand with Congress

Jharkhand Assembly Elections were held in Nov 2009. The elections were held after the 2005 Govt could not last for 5 years. In 2005, BJP+JDU got 36, which was below the majority mark. Naturally, Congress saw an opportunity to form the Govt and teamed up with JMM and RJD to form the Govt in 2008. But before that, for two years, Congress made an independent MLA, Madhu Koda, a Chief Minister. Madhu Koda amassed huge personal fortunes in his two eyar stint, and left Jharkhand poorer than ever. Shibu Soren was then chosen the Chief Minister, despite his not being a member of the assembly. He contested the by-polls in 2009 and subsequently lost it. As a result, President’s rule was imposed.

But like a Bollywood movie, Jharkhand’ audience love to relieve the drama again and again and again. So, when the Assembly Elections took place in Nov 2009, they returned back a hung verdict. This time Shibu Soren surprisingly got 18 seats, and BJP got reduced to 18 as well. Shibu emerged as the King once again and became the Chief Minister of Jharkhand with support from BJP and JDU.

Six months had just passed when Congress played the game once more. BJP demanded a cut motion against the Prime Minister in the Parliament on April 27th. Little did they knew that the cut motion will instead cut them back in Jharkhand. Shibu Soren, despite allying with BJP in Jharkhand voted for Congress in the Parliament. Not that his single vote would have made any difference, but the message that it gave out was quite clear. Shibu had changed camps once more and allied with Congress. The inference is quite simple. If Congress would have teamed with Shibu to form the Govt in Dec 2009, it would have been called an opportunist. By letting BJP run the Govt with Shibu Soren for 6 months and then making the Govt fall on its own, Congress can now easily portray BJP as a party which can’t run a coalition or a Govt well. Naturally, they will now portray themselves as saviour of Jharkhand and will suggest that in order to prevent President’s rule being imposed again in the state and subsequent elections, they are now ready to form Jharkhand Govt with Shibu. A true master stroke!

BJP, meanwhile, would be contemplating what hit them. They were in Parliament attacking Congress and now they are left collecting their own bearings in Jharkhand, while Congress comes out unscathed once more. Quite amazingly, A national daily as big as The Times of India saw BJP’s hand behind Shibu voting for Congress!

For all practical thoughts, the future of Jharkhand is quite clear. Congress+JVM+Shibu’s JMM will form a Govt soon, which will have hidden support of RJD and LJP, in the name of keeping secular forces intact. Many say it’s a hidden arrangement by Shibu to get the Chief Minister’s post for his son, while he moves back to the National politics. The only hitch in the plan can be getting support of JVM, which stands against Shibu. For the next few months, Jharkhand will see personal fortunes of some ministers rise drastically, and the well being of the state go down again. Once the ministers have fulfilled their appetite and eaten enough, Congress may pull the plug once more and President’s rule will be imposed. Subsequent elections and the same story will repeat again…

Wake up, people of Jharkhand, wake up, and choose people who deserve their place in the State Assembly, not those who are their to make money out of you.

Bihar Assembly Elections are also scheduled in Nov 2010, and it will be very interesting to see how all this affects the outcome in Bihar.

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