Maruti 800, The People’s Car, bids Adieu

Maruti 800, which ushered the home car revolution in India, and made millions of Indians to shift from two wheelers to four wheelers, has finally called it a day. It’ll stop availability in major cities from today.

Maruti 800 was first brought to India in the year 1984. It was solely due to the fore sightedness of politician Sanjay Gandhi, that Maruti 800 was brought to India. The Indian company Maruti partnered with Suzuki Company of Japan to bring Maruti car to India.

Maruti has sold over 8.5 million units of this car since its launch in 1984, and it remained the best selling car in India till 2004.

maruti 800 car

With the emission norms getting tougher and competition hotter, it was widely expected that Maruti 800 production would be stopped soon. Euro IV or Bharat Stage IV emission norms became mandatory for cars starting April 1, 20010 and it was economically not viable for Maruti to upgrade the engine for 800 series of cars. The norms are applicable in 13 major cities of India, which includes the four metros and 9 other cities including Kanpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Agra and Surat. Because of the new norms, the Ford Ikon (1.3 petrol), Fiat Palio, Skoda Fabia (1.2 petrol) and Octavia (1.9 TDI engine) and Chvrolet Tavera (2.5 DI) will also not be sold in these 13 cities.

The declining sales of Maruti-800 also was responsible for the Company to finally phase the car out.

But the revolution Maruti 800 car brought in the Indian society, especially the middle class, will be remembered for a long time to come.

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