NASA unveils some evidence of life on Mars

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NASA unveils some evidence of life on Mars

Results from NASA’s Opportunity and Spirit probes are now coming up, and they suggest that life in the form of pond scums exist on Mars.

gorilla on mars!

Pond scums can be the building blocks of life as we know on earth. NASA’s Opportunity and Spirit probes have shown some compelling evidences to suggest that life may be existing on Mars.

Some sites suggested that a recent image sent by NASA probe on Mars has shown a gorilla in an image as shown above. This image was released on 3rd March 2010, but many believe it to be fake and showing just rocks.

Recent Mars missions have also suggested presence of sulphates on Mars. This in itself can be a telltale sign of existence of water on the planet and thus life. A sulphate called gypsum has also been found, which is very similar to the ones found among fossils in the Mediterranean. This leads credence to the fact that life either currently exits on mars or used to exist some time back.

NASA is now planning several more missions to Mars to unravel the long held mystery and human’s fascination with alien life. Even ancient humans believed mars holds life, and if it can be ascertained by NASA in the coming years, it will just be great. NASA will send about 30 more missions to space in the coming years and also plans to bring back martian rocks to study on earth.

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