Vodafone does a Reliance, brings handsets worth Rs 700

Vodafone is launching headsets worth Rs. 700. One gets reminded of the revolution Reliance brought in India by coming up with a Rs. 500 mobile.

Reliance Communications revolutionized the Indian mobile industry in the early 2000’s by bringing in its offer of a mobile at Rs 500. Within months, almost everyone in India was holding a mobile, from the corner paanwala to the rickshaw puller, everyone had a reliance number. Undoubtedly that single handedly increases the mobile customer base in India by many folds.

Now, in 2010, British telecom sector giants, Vodafone, plans to introduce a $16 handset in India which comes to approx Rs. 700. The handset is aimed for rural markets in India which still are devoid of mobile facilities. Although Vodafone is aiming for the rural sector, the mobile will be available across India. Apart from the Indian mobile consumer market, Vodafone will also introduce the $16 handsets in Egypt, Turkey and Africa.

Currently, Nokia, Micromax, Fly and Ray are all coming up with cheap handsets. Nokia came up with a mobile set worth Rs. 1300 before, but in recent years, this is the first time a cell phone company has decided to break the Rs. 1000 barrier.

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