40 hrs of electricity nightmare at Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad’s Vaishali residents recently faced 40 straight hrs of continuous power cut, with absolutely no help or information from the Ghaziabad electricity department or Govt.

If you are a resident of Ghaziabad, you will know very well that 8 to 10 hrs of power cuts during summer is quite natural. Almost everyone has got an inverter at home, to take care of these power cuts. But what happens when you get 40 straight hrs of power cuts!

At about 3 am on the morning of 18th May, fire broke out at Sector 5 power plant of Vaishali area in Ghaziabad. Subsequently, electricity went out. When the electricity did not return by morning, people started to get worried and went to the power station, to find the reasons. As usual, the Ghaziabad Electricity office bore a sad look with officials not ready to answer questions and no one really helping the irate locals.

The entire day went by, but electricity did not come. Many societies in Vaishali area started facing water problems. For the night, several families went to sleep at homes of friends or relatives who lived in near by areas. Those left had a terrible time sleeping, with mosquitoes and heat taking its toll. The electricity was finally restored at about 1.30 PM on 19th May, but even after that it was more of a cat and mouse game, with electricity coming and going every 30 min.

What’s more frustrating for locals is the way politicians behave in such situations. When there’s time to ask for votes, we see loudspeakers blaring all around singing praises. When there’s a crisis like today’s, why can’t the local MLA’s use a similar concept to inform the locals of exactly what the trouble is and sympathize with them? Why do they hide in their own comfortable homes when the locals who have voted them to power is facing the heat outside. Even apathy by local media is quite absurd. National dailies like Times of India did not even bother to come out with a news piece on this.

It’s high time people started to think of the representatives they choose. Quality of life in Vaishali hasn’t improved for last several years. With several malls coming up, it might look glitzy to live here, but the fact remains that Vaishali has loads of problems in living conditions like no waste disposal system, lot of power cuts, lot of mosquitoes and ill managed markets.

3 thoughts on “40 hrs of electricity nightmare at Vaishali, Ghaziabad

  1. Great to read the woes you stated.

    But think about what we have done to this part of the world. The bloated property prices, rents etc. And I wonder on what people think while buying property here and what makes them feel happy that they own a builder floor or a house costing several lacs.

    The real situation is .. no electricity .. it is not only once but every day. Water – well that is a good supply but you cannot use that unless there is electricity. So you are in a big mess.

    Road Conditions – Somewhere it is good but at most of the places, it is worst.

    Upcoming Slums – Several of juggies almost everywhere.. resulting in thefts, inscecurity,dirt.

    I want to ask the residents that is it really worth buying a property here ?? Where you spend meager 60 – 70 lacs ( whoa meager .. lolz ) .. and then live without basic amenities ? Throw away these bloats and come to reality. GDA has been most unresponsive authority in this region .. or in India.. or in the world. Talk to Babus .. they dont know anything except how to make money from you.

    So in the end, as a frustrated part of this world…. I say that everyone is paying to be the part of this bloated property prices !!

  2. what the hell UP govt and electricity dept doing,from last 3 days i staying at vaishali (Ghaziabad) but now i deiced to move back gujrat where i never seen more then 5 minut power cut.
    i also drop idea to purchases property in ghaziabad .

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