Kasab given death sentence, but don’t expect him to die soon

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Kasab given death sentence, but don’t expect him to die soon

As expected, Ajmal Kasab was given death sentence on Thursday in relation to the terrorist attack of 9/11 in Mumbai.

Judge Tahaliyani had earlier convicted Kasab on all charges levelled against him by the prosecutor. The sentencing was scheduled for Thursday and when it finally came in today with a death penalty, relatives of the dead in the terror attack as well as the nation rejoiced together.

However, do not expect Kasab to be hanged soon. Our laws are quite good when it comes to shielding people on death penalties. For a high profile terrorist like Kasab, death may come after several years. So, meanwhile he can just relax and enjoy the Govt security, all at the exchequers expense.

Kasab gets death sentence

Basically, before he can be hanged, he has the right to appeal to the higher courts. That will easily take a couple of years of trial. Considering the fact that the higher courts will upheld the judgment as well, Kasab will then have option to appeal to The President of India for clemency. The mercy petition is sometimes the best way to delay getting hanged. Already, 29 cases with clemency petition are pending with the President, and will remain pending for several more years to come. So Kasab’s petition, will be number 30. Take it for granted that his petition will g et heard in the next 5-10 years.

So guys, don’t celebrate the death sentence. It is nothing but a hogwash, something similar to what are Defence Minister says about fighting terrorism and Maoists, that he will crush them hard and et all, but as we all know, truth is very different. Kasab has been given a death sentence, but we all know he is not going to die in the next 5 yhears at least, and meanwhile, he will spend crores of our Rupees in his protection.

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