Kites fails expectations of fans despite grand opening

Kites was probably the most awaited movie of 2010. Earlier scheduled for a Diwali 2009 release, the movie was delayed for 6 months to get everything perfect.

Hrithik Roshan, with a huge huge fan base in India, went into a hibernation after Dhoom 2. Kites was his first major movie in three years. Undoubtedly, when Kites was released on May 21st, fans stormed theaters in huge anticipation. The movie had everything going right for it, it had the hit combination of Hrithik-Rajesh-Rakesh Roshan, who has given us some cool hits over the past few years, the Director was a well known person and the foreign heroine had already created a lot of buzz with her looks. The producers were so confident that the movie will be a major hit, that they made two versions of it. thge International version named Kites-remix, is scheduled to be released this Friday.

Kites movie

However, all that glitters is not gold. Kites opened to pathetic reviews, and even ardent fans of Hrithik came out disappointed. So, what went wrong? To start with, the movie lacked a script. There was absolutely no story in the entire movie. Creating an impromptu movie is fine if you are making a comedy film, but something which relies on story to keep the movie going can’t be made without a story. It’s quite amazing that the Roshan trio even considered making a film out of it. One feels that probably this was the reason behind them not releasing the movie in Nov. They must have known that the movie has turned out ugly. We suggest better watch kites flying in the sky on Aug 15th, then waste both time and money on this kites.

However, since so much hype surrounded the movie, it has already made 21 Crore on day 1. This is the second highest opening day collection for any movie in Bollywood. it’s almost certain that the collections will fall from Monday onwards, but whether the movie will recover its cost or not, is yet to be seen.

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