Macmohan dies, but Sambha will always be remembered

Macmohan, 71 years of age, died due to cancer in Mumbai on Monday. He was a veteran actor known for several roles in Hindi movies and mainly his role as Sambha in the hit film Sholay.

Sambha man Macmohan

Imagine someone getting to say just three words in a movie, and still remain known to every single movie lover across India. That is what Sambha’s role in Hindi film Sholay was. Across the movie he was made to sit on the hill, and in reply to Gabbar’s famous dialogue “Arrey o Sambha, kitna inaam rakhe hain sarkar hum par?” Sambha’s reply was, “Poorey pachaas hazaar”. That’s it. But still, after Sholay, Macmohan was never able to get rid of the Shambha tag in Bollywood films.

Macmohan did act in a lot of Hindi movies, and played some major roles in movies like Don, The Burning Train and Satte Pe Satta. He started his career with Haqeeqat in 1964 and did over 175 movies in his lifetime.

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