Mangalore Plane crash kills 158, worst in Indian aviation history

158 people including the passengers and the crew members were killed in the Mangalore air plane crash that occured at Bajpe airport early Saturday morning.

The plane belonged to Air India was coming from Dubai. It had 160 passengers on board which included 105 males, 32 females, 19 children and 4 infants and 6 crew members. The plane was an Air India Boeing 737-800. Only 8 people are said to have survived the incident.

It is being said that the plane landed fine but overshot the runway and crashed at the end. Some also suggest that the possible cause of crash can be that the landing speed was far more than required. The Air India plane had a very experienced pilot, who had almost 3500 hrs of flying experience. Besides, the pilot sent no warning or distress signals. The only thing noteworthy is that just before the landing the pilot lost contact with the Air traffic Controller for about 20 seconds.

Mangalore plane crash site

Experts believe the runway at Mangalore’s Bajpe airport is too short. However, Mangalore’s Bajpe airport sees 32 flights landing and taking off daily, and has a 8000 feet runway, which is just about 1000 feet less than the international standards.

This is clearly one of the worst accidents in the Indian aviation history. Before this, in 1990, 89 people were killed in Bangalore crash. Another 133 were killed in an air crash at Ahmedabad in 1998. But today’s crash has seen the death of 159 people. Rescue operations are still underway, but chances of finding any more survivors are grim.

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