Mumbai-bound Gyaneshwari Express derailed by Maoists

At least 100 people are feared dead when Mumbai-bound Gyaneshwari Express was derailed by the Maoists in West Midnapore district of West Bengal Friday morning.

13 coaches of the Gyaneshwari Express derailed which led to a collision with a goods train. More than 100 people are feared dead and almost 160 have been injured. 75 dead bodies have been taken out by now. Most dead bodies have been mutilated beyond recognition and because the task involves cutting through the heavy frames of the trian, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get the dead bodies outside. Army as well as Indian Air Force helicopters are working to get the injured to the hospitals.

Mumbai-bound Gyaneshwari Express accident site

Posters were found near the crash site claiming the act was done by Maoist-backed People’s Committee against Police Atrocities. However, the spokesperson for PCPA has denied any involvement. State officials have confirmed that no explosives or blast was behind the derailment. Further details on the actual cause of the accident is still unknown.

As usual, there has been no response yet from the Indian Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee. She seems more concerned with her state politics then looking after a National cause. It’s a shame that it took 3 hrs for the Railways rescue team to reach the accident site, but not even a “sorry” came in from Mamta Banerjee. It took 14 hrs for the officials to prepare a list of dead and injured people, during which relatives of people on train had a very troubled time. Even after 20 hrs have gone, the dead bodies have not yet been taken out from the coaches. A place which is 2 hrs away from Kharagpur and very near to Kolkata, such callousness by Railway officials and the rescue team is mind boggling. It’s also quite painful that even the top Ministers do not have a clue about what happened. While Union Minister Chidambaram said no blast took place, Mamta Banerjee said a blast definitely occurred.

Meanwhile, news reports are also coming of a train being burned down in Andhra Pradesh by people protesting in Tirupati for arresting Jagan Mohan Reddy. If people can so easily destroy National properties and the Minister sits in her home town doing nothing, it just shows an utter failure of the Ministry. Any responsible minister would have taken the moral responsibility and resigned in such a case, but Mamta Banerjee seems more concerned about her political future in Bengal.

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