Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik Exposed

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Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik Exposed

When Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik shot into fame after beating up girls and boys for going to a pub in Mangalore, no one really believed he did that to protect India’s culture. The truth has finally come out today, when he was caught in a sting operation asking for money to stage such riots.

Pramod Muthalik of Ram Sene exposed

The sting operation was conducted by one of the most famous sting operation experts Tehelka in collaboration with a news channel Headlines Today. A reporter posing as a painter met Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik as well as his goons Prasad Attavar and Vasant Bhavani. The dummy painter informed them that he wanted to be as famous as M F Hussain and to gain publicity, he needs the Ram Sene goons to attack his exhibition. Muthalik readily agreed for a mob to attack the reporter’s painting exhibition, for a princely sum of Rs. 60 Lakhs. Even the police was said to receive a commission from that money.

The ease with which the deal went through and the pride the Ram Sene members took in explaining how easily they can cause riots for money, just goes on to show the level of politics these smaller parties play these days. They kill people, loot money and destroy public property, all for their own self gains, but bring in between the name of culture and traditions.

Soon after the report broke out, Ram Sene Chief had the guts to even reach the news paper office and say he has done nothing wrong. His courage no doubt comes from the fact that he will surely come out of this unscathed. Though there is enough evidence for him to be jailed for life, even on the pretext that he was planning a communal riot on camera, we all know very well that neither the Judiciary nor the police will be able to keep him in jail for long. The case may be filed against him, but he will come out on bail and perform several similar riots in the coming years.

In the next few days, the political parties are expected to do what they are known best for. All parties like the Congress, RJD, SP, Left, NCP will now attack BJP because Ram Sene was a self proclaimed Hindu organization. BJP will try to distance itself from the Ram Sene and go in to a shell. In the middle of all this, the real cause will be forgotten by all. And in the meantime, opportunist people like Ram Muthalik will continue to destroy India for personal gains in the name of culture and religion.

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