Shibu Soren, BJP and Fate of Jharkhand

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Shibu Soren, BJP and Fate of Jharkhand

While the clock goes tick-tock, tick-tock, Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Shibu Soren goes flip-flop, flip-flop. For past month, we have seen numerous views from Shibu Soren on who can be the Chief Minister of Jharkhand.

We all know by now that BJP shot itself in the foot by calling a motion against the PM in the Parliament. On hindsight, one can say that BJP never knew it’d hit them so hard. On that day their ally in Jharkhand, Shibu Soren voted in favour of Congress. Not that his vote would have changed the result, but it did made BJP a laughing stock.

Subsequently, BJP decided to pull out of the Jharkhand Govt. Crisis ensued. Congress coalition did not had enough numbers to stake a claim, and with BJP withdrawing support, another president’s rule looked certain for Jharkhand.

That’s when the flip-flops started. Shibu Soren came out with a statement saying he voted in favour of the Congress by mistake. Shibu’s son said he was ready to support a Govt led by BJP. This was to BJP’s liking, who decided to then continue the Govt going. But within days, Shibu flipped saying he will not support a BJP led Govt. He was, however, ready to support an alternating alliance where both the parties will get Chief Minister’s berth for a certain duration. BJP outright rejected the idea, after which Soren agreed to leave the CM’s post on 23rd May. However, just two days later Shibu flip-flopped once more and said he was not aware he ever agreed to resign as Chief Minister.

Congress, meanwhile is`watching from the sidelines and enjoying the entire thing. They know that they have played a master stroke and BJP is getting hit hard by it. BJP has been eating the bait from the start. Even after Shibu voted for Congress, BJP could have played it simple and said that they are against each other at the Center, but together in the state, something similar to what Congress has been doing for ages. For eg, Congress was with the Left earlier and now Trinamool at the Center, but went against them in the state level elections. But BJP is naive and this is why Congress, despite all its shortcomings, still rules the country while BJP sits at the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Jharkhand’s public has to do some serious soul searching and understand that voting in favour of caste or religion will not help them in the long run. They need to give mandate to some party, so that situations like these can be avoided. For now, the options are still open. Shibu may join hands with Congress and form a Govt, or BJP may just continue with Shibu as CM or the state will go back to Presidents rule. Neighbouring state Bihar goes to polls later this year, and any developments in Jharkhand will surely have an impact on Bihar results.

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