The Queen won’t come for Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

For the first time in recent decades, The Queen has declined from being present at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. No particular reason was given for this decision.

The Queen will not be a part of either the opening or the closing ceremonies of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Buckingham Palace has only said that the Queen has a very tight schedule in autumn and hence will not be able to make it to Delhi in Oct 2010.

The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, will represent the Queen at the Commonwealth Games.

Delhi CWG 2010

For the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee in India, this news might be shocking, but probably least of their concerns, as they are already dealing with lot of other problems ranging from delayed road projects to incomplete stadiums and half built Games Village. With just about four months now remaining for the Games 2010 to begin, one can imagine the stress organizing committee would be going through.

The CWG 2010 is the biggest gaming event to be held in India since the 1982 Asian Games. Almost 71 countries are expected to participate in 17 sporting events at CWG.

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