What was worse: Iron Man 2 or Big Cinemas at Pacific Mall, Ghaziabad

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What was worse: Iron Man 2 or Big Cinemas at Pacific Mall, Ghaziabad

I eagerly waited for the release of Iron Man 2 and almost after a week of its release, finally managed the time to go and watch it. As usual, the theaters in Delhi-NCR mostly prefer showing the dubbed Hindi versions, so I picked 8 Pm showtime at Big Cinemas theater in Pacific Mall, kaushambi.

Iron Man 2 at Big Cinemas Pacific Mall

I’d like to say that the joy lasted only till my decision of getting the ticket booked. For once, Pacific Mall boasts of having NCR’s only Imax theater, but still, every time a movie capable of being shown in the Imax comes, it is not shown. last good release, Avatar could have looked so much bigger and better in Imax, but Big Cinemas did not think so. So when Avatar was not shown on the Imax screen, i had no hope they would put Iron Man 2 on Imax.

Anyways, the movie itself was quite boring and watching it at Big Cinemas, Pacific Mall made it really tiring. For starters, the sound system did not work at all. The voice was all crackled and several times when the big scenes were coming and the Dolby Digital surround should have worked, nothing happened. Even in the race track scene, which was the only highlight of Iron Man 2, the voice was all crackled and irritating. Then near the half time, the electricity went off. Pitch darkness. Nothing. Not even one light was on in the theater. For over 5 minutes, no one came in to update of the situation. Then the attendants came in to say there was some problem with the generator and it’d be back in 2 minutes. Took another 5 minutes for electricity to be back. then when the movie started, it had no sound fopr another 2 minutes. And they started the movie far ahead from where we left off when the electricity went.

All in all it was a very bad experience watching movie here. And with the movie itself being the biggest disappointment of 2010 for me, the experience was quite unbearable. You can read a detailed review of Iron Man 2 here.

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