After 36 years of murder trial, Shibu Soren acquitted

Exposing the chinks in Indian Judiciary, the Shibu Soren murder trial which went on for 36 years, has finally ended with the District Court acquitting him on all charges due to lack of evidence.

One wonders why the Court took 36 years to reach to this conclusion. If there was lack of evidence to begin with, after 36 years nothing of it would have remained. In such a case, what was the point of dragging the case for 36 years?

The murder happened in 1974 and the FIR on 15th April 1974. Four years later the first charge sheets were submitted accusing eight people. Of those 8, 7 were acquitted in 1986 itself. Shibu Soren’s case was then dragged for another 24 years and finally he has been acquitted as well.

Incidentally, this isn’t the only murder case in which Shibu Soren has escaped a sentence. He has been fghting three different murder cases on him, and in all three he has now been acquitted. In the 1975 Chirrudih massacre case, he was set free three years ago while a Delhi court acquitted him in the Shashinath Jha murder case in 2007.

Shibu Soren has recently led to the downfall of Jharkhand Assembly and will be mighty pleased with this acquittal.

So, all in all, message is quite clear. As long as you have money and power, keep doing what you want to. The law will takes its time and finally set you free.

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