Congress increases fuel prices, yet again!

The summer season has been extremely tough for Indians. First, unbearable heat was killing them and now Congress has come up with exorbitant price hike in petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene to completely destroy the common man’s monthly budget.

Petrol prices will go up by Rs 3.73, Diesel will see a Rs. 2 price rise. The cooking gas LPG cylinder sees another price rise of Rs 35 and even Kerosene has not been spared this time, which will see prices increasing by Rs. 3. All new prices will be effective from Friday.

For past year or see, prices have steadily risen in all essential commodities. The Cong led Govt has done little or nothing to control the prices. From vegetables to pulses and from cooking oil to fuel prices, price have been going up and up. The increase in prices is no way proportional to the increase in salaries and as such, the entire balance of households across India is in turmoil.

What’s noticeable is that all these prices were raised just about 100 days back when the budget came out. To see them being increased again and that too by a whopping margin seriously means Congress is trying to help the Public and privately run Oil companies. Instead of asking these companies to increase their efficiency, Congress is increasing prices and adding burden on already tired shoulders of Indian people.

The Congress led Govt at the center keeps talking of the welfare of the common man, but it’s policies have seldom helped the common man. Eeven the opposition is widely divided on this issue. The Loloos, Mulayams and Mayawatis keep shedding crocodile tears on price rise, but when it actually comes to nail down the Central Govt, as was the case when BJP brought the no-confidence motion, these people run away and help the Congress instead. CPI shouts against the price rise, but people are so dis-oriented with the Communists that everything they say is seen as a ploy to gather votes and nothing else. That leaves the BJP, who despite having true intentions to raise voice against Congress’s cons, gets bogged down by everyone else. No matter what BJP says, Congress and other parties will play their trump card of secularism and hush the voice of BJP.

The thinking behind the price rises is also very simple. Congress now has a mandate to rule the country for five years. This is just the first year of their return to power. So no matter what they do, they know they will be enjoying the power for next four years as well. By the time elections come near, they will come out with really populist schemes and get prices down. Indian public memory is short. In 2014, no one will remember the price rises Congress did. They’d all remember the goodies Congress gives out in 2014, and will vote once again to get Congress to power. That’s how Congress has been ruling us since Independence.

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