North-east state of Manipur languishing under central neglect

Manipur has been blocked from the rest of the country for over 60 days now, but The Congress led central and state Govts seems oblivious of the problems being faced by people of Manipur.

On 11th of April 2010, Naga groups in Manipur blocked the two National Highways, including the main lifeline of National Highway 39, that connects Manipur to rest of the country. They were protesting against the state government’s decision to hold autonomous council elections. Generally, a blockade of this proportion should have been sorted out within days. But neither the Congress led Govt at the center or state has shown any interest to get the crisis sorted out. the State Govt has only made matters worse by refusing separatist leader Thuingaleng Muivah from visiting his birthplace in Ukhrul district, citing reasons that this can lead to communal tensions.

Blockade in Manipur

After almost 60 days of blockade now, Manipur is now facing acute shortage of food and medicines. Some hospitals have even shutdown as they did not had medicines left to run the operations. The common man is facing huge difficulties as well. Petrol pumps are now either closed or have huge queues ahead of them. Most are now forced to buy petrol from black marketers, who are charging as high as Rs. 150 per liter of petrol. Normal rice is being sold for Rs. 70, which originally cost Rs 25, and cooking gas cylinder is now available for Rs. 1000.

But while people of Manipur are facing difficulties, not even a single leader from Congress has taken time out and tried to solve the crisis. No wonder people of Northeast feel of a step-motherly treatment from the politicians. The state is ruled by the Congress and the Govt has not even had the decency to help people with day to day commodities like rice, cooking gas, petrol etc. they can use force to clear the blockade out, but obviously that needs people with courage, which Congress doesn’t seem to have. While at the Center Congress keeps showcasing its lies of two years of achievements, people of Manipur must be wondering why did they ever vote for a party which doesn’t even care for them.

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