Two goals, Two FIFA referee mistakes and two spoiled games

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Two goals, Two FIFA referee mistakes and two spoiled games

Sunday was the BIG day in FIFA World Cup 2010. England were playing Germany and Argentina were to take on Mexico. Everyone expected fierce fighting between the teams but FIFA referee mistakes in both the games spoiled the game for all.

Football matches are played and won on skills. Luck does favour sometimes but a referee mistake should never be responsible for deciding the fate of a match, and that too in a tournament as important as the World Cup. People pay a lot of money to watch the games and support their teams, and when they see their teams going out of the tournament because a stupid referee was sleeping on his job, it takes the entire fun away from the game.

The first match on Sunday between England and Germany started well. Germany soon was leading with two goals to one. Just before the half time, an excellent shot by Lampard saw the ball hit the post, bounce inside and then come out. the side referee ruled out the goal. Repeated reviews clearly showed the ball clearly went inside, not even a border line case, the ball went very clearly inside, but the referee ruled it against England. Naturally, when second half started England went on the offensive and in return got two goals hit against them. Clearly, if the second half would have started on 2-2, the game would have seen a very different result.

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In the second match on Sunday between Mexico and Argentina, the obvious favourites were Argentina to win the match. However, the match started evenly poised with Mexico attacking as much as Argentina. And then came the blinder. Messy shot was headed by Tevez into the goal. The side referee did not rule out Tevez as offside despite Tevez being miles offside. Argentina led by one goal, and Mexico players got distracted. A second goal soon followed and the match was lost by Mexico then and there.

It’s quite shameful that FIFA cares so less about fair play. If they had cared, the video review system would have been in place by now. If the technology is available, why not use it? Why not make the games fair for all? FIFA says it may think of adding two extra side referees in the 2014 version of the Games. But question is why 2014? Why not now, for the remaining games? Why let the games continue to be decided on chance and bad referee decisions? Such referees who give out these horrendous decisions should be black listed immediately and FIFA should be ashamed and apologize to fans immediately and get the video review system in place as fast as possible.

India will be hosting the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games in Oct, and let’s hope the games are fair.

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    1:29 pm on June 28th, 2010

    Mistakes are Human errors machines are Man made every time Can leave on machines or humans so make it officially man machine decisions.

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