Why is Nitish playing a spoilsport to BJP-JD(U) Party?

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Why is Nitish playing a spoilsport to BJP-JD(U) Party?

Bhartiya Janata Party finds trouble from even the best situations and has an uncanny knack of turning fortune to disaster. Now after the Jharkhand fiasco, Nitish Kumar is giving sleepless nights to BJP just four months ahead of the Bihar Assembly Polls.

When BJP demanded a no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister, it had little knowledge of the masterstroke Congress would play, by making Shibu Soren vote in Congress favour. Naturally, BJP withdrew support from Jharkhand Govt and now Jharkhand is under President’s rule or shadow-Congress rule.

Quite similarly, when Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of one of the most advanced states in India – Gujarat, offered Bihar 5 Crore Rupees for flood management, little did BJP think that such a generous offer would back flip on them and shatter their chances of winning Bihar polls. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has now returned Narendra Modi’s help to Bihar, sparking doubts that BJP and Janata Dal United may fight the upcoming Bihar Assembly elections separately. The signs of the pact being broken were seen in the recently held Rajya Sabha polls in Jharkhand, where JD(U) MLA’s voted for JMM candidate instead of the BJP.

But what exactly has gone wrong in the alliance between BJP and JD(U). They have stuck together for over 5 assembly polls and 2 National Level elections, then what has happened now to break the trust? The naswer may be quite simple. To uplift Bihar, Nitish needs money from the Center. For road projects, for dams for construction, a lot of loan needs to be approved by the Central Govt. As the situation stands now, BJP seems no where near to forming a Govt at the center even in the nextr general elections. So, that leaves with Nitish a very clear situation, either live together with the Congress and uplift the state by getting sanctions for the money needed, or die together with BJP, whose political future lies uncertain.

This explains why Nitish has suddenly started feeling the need to distance himself from the “Communal BJP”. There’s nothing wrong with the BJP, so the only way you could denounce the party is by playing the communal card. BJP has spoken for Hindus as much as Congress, RJD, SP etc speak for the Muslims. But, because BJP does not have a think tank, Congress and other parties always succeed in portraying it as the communal party.

It’s quite noteworthy that all BJP ruled states are doing great in terms of infrastructure and prosperity for its natives. From Karnataka to Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand to Gujarat, the growth rate of these states is much better than those being ruled by Congress or other smaller parties. But still, BJP fails to bring out the real message to its voters. It keeps biting the baits thrown by Congress and losing key grounds and allies, as it did in Orissa and Jharkhand. In the next couple of weeks, one will find out if BJP has been successful in losing another good ally in Nitish kumar in Bihar.

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