Are you excited about the Indian Rupee Symbol?

When India is going through the worse phase of rising prices and inflation, Congress govt chooses to bring out the Indian Rupee symbol. Is the symbol really worthwhile? is it really going to boost India’s economic might?

Past two years, prices of all essential commodities have gone up. Some products such as pulses and dals have seen a 30% increase in price, while several others like Petrol and Diesel are not far behind either. Vegetable prices are now at an all time high, and almost beyond the reach of common man.

In this phase of rising prices, what does the Indian Govt do. Well, it goes ahead and launches a special symbol for the Indian Rupee. Hurray!!! Now we are just the 5th currency in the world to get a symbol. The other four are the US Dollar, Euro, Yen and British Pound.

Symbol for Indian Rupee

The Indian Rupee symbol has been designed by D Udaya Kumar, who is an IIT Mumbai post-graduate. For his efforts, Kumar will be awarded Rs. 2.5 Lakh. The symbol will be available on computer keyboards in the next three months.

Although, there is nothing wrong with the launching of the Indian Rupee symbol, one does wonder why the Govt is not concentrating on far more important issues, rather than diverting attention to these trivial things.

Let us know what you think about it, speak out India.

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