Bihar MLAs go to war much before Bihar Assembly Polls

Bihar MLAs have followed on the footsteps of their counterparts in Maharashtra, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh by turning the Bihar Assembly in to a war zone on Tuesday.

The issue being discussed in the bihar Assembly was of the alleged irregularity in the withdrawl of over Rs. 11 Thousand Crore from Bihar treasury. It has been alleged by the opposition that no proper accounts were maintained for this.

The clash in the Assembly house started at around 2 pm, almost immediately after the assembly started again after two adjournments. The opposition MLAs stormed into the well of the House demanding the Govt resignation, and were quite naturally hold back by the NDA MLAs. Consequently, some tables were over-turned, mikes broken and thrown around and some chairs flew across, injuring at least 12 MLAs.

Bihar Assembly Elections 2010 are just round the corner. Nitish Kumar’s good work in Bihar has been appreciated by one and all, and no doubt, the ruling NDA Govt has done a tremendous job in the past 5 years to help Bihar grow. In such a scenario, it’s quite obvious that the opposition parties are reeling under heavy pressure.

Congress has been reduced to a non-existent force in Bihar. Laloo’s Rashtriya Janata Dal and Paswan’s LJP may do even worse then they did in the 2005 Oct elections. With neither Laloo nor Paswan of any importance in the Central Govt, a poor performance in Bihar Elections will definitely be a setback for their political future.

Opposition has been on the lookout for a potent weapon to take on the Nitish Govt. Now that the elections are very near, a pandemonium in the Assembly House on some far fetched hypothesis of irregular withdrawals is enough to bring the spotlight on the opposition parties.

One just hope that the people of Bihar can identify the real culprits, understand the political motives which drive such demonstration in the Bihar Assembly and vote correctly so that such elements can be kept away from the Assembly.

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