Congress MP loses seat after false caste claims

Dead skeletons keep tumbling out of Congress cupboards. A 5 time Member of Parliament from Congress, Kodikkunnil Suresh, has been found guilty of falsely showing himself as a Scheduled Cast and winning elections from a reserved constituency.

Kodikkunnil Suresh has won the General Elections 5 times, four of which came from the Adoor constituency in Kerala. After Adoor was removed as a constituency because of the new delimitation rules, he stood and won from Mavelikkara, which was a reserved constituency for Scheduled Tribes. Mavelikkara R S Anil of the CPI filed a case against the Congress MP claiming that the MP was not a Scheduled Caste but a Christian.

Investigations in this matter proved that the school records of Kodikkunnil Suresh showed him as Christian and caste as Cheramar. His election affidavit showed him as a Hindu. Kodikkunnil Suresh informed the court that his parents had converted to Christianism, but he re-converted himself back to Hinduism in 1978. However, Kodikkunnil Suresh was not able to shown any supporting documents to verify his claims.

Kodikkunnil Suresh, congress

What’s surprising is that if his documents were not correct, how was he even allowed by the Election Commission to stand for the elections. Also, not just once, he won five times, which just goes on to show how easily politicians can trick everyone. Apart from being a 5 time MP, Kodikkunnil Suresh also enjoyed the post of AICC secretary. No doubt, Congress is now embarrassed with the revelations.

In a judgement on Monday, the Kerala High Court annulled Kodikkunnil Suresh election from the Mavelikkara reserved constituency because he did not belong to the Scheduled Caste and has been wrongly claiming the benefits. As has been the case with the politicians who can never accept their own wrong doings, Kodikkunnil Suresh may soon decide to move to Supreme Court to challenge the verdict.

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