Sharad Pawar: From IPL Controversy to ICC Chief

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Sharad Pawar: From IPL Controversy to ICC Chief

In India, if you have money, you can have everything – fame, power and more money. Sharad Pawar just proved that money power works not just in India but across the world.

In the first week of June, Sharad Pawar was down and out, according to news reports across all major news papers and TV channels. His families and his own link-ups to IPL bids were flashed as headlines all across. Sharad Pawar and his family members had constantly maintained that were not involved in any way with IPL bidding’s, but when the documents and proofs started coming up across different sources, Pawar’s lies were revealed.

After the IPL bid details became public, Sharad Pawar was under immense pressure from all across. Talking to a news reporter, Pawar even used slangs while defending himself, clearly revealing the pressure he was going through. Major national daily “The Times of India” was the first to carry news reports on its front page of his families involvement in IPL bids and the newspaper continued to do it for next 2-3 days.

Sharad Pawar is now ICC Chief

However, soon after Sharad Pawar put on his politician cap and took a quick break from everything. He was hospitalized for a few days for a minor surgery in his jaws. But the surgery not just resulted in his physical problem being removed. It also removed the news reports across TV and Newspapers. Quite inexplicably, after the first week of June, when IPL controversy was flashed everywhere, the news reports suddenly stopped. Everyone stopped talking of Sharad Pawar’s involvement, Times of India stopped publishing any updates on its investigations, and even major opposition party BJP stopped talking of resignation of the Minister. Life was good and happy once again for Sharad Pawar.

Now, today on 1st July, Sharad Pawar has been appointed the ICC Chief till the year 2011. He has been serving a the ICC vice-president since 2008. A Union Minister with a full time job of looking at India’s agricultural sector, and who has been failing miserably in his job till date, now also has an added responsibility to manage the World Cricket body. The time will only tell how Sharad Pawar manages to do this.

The ICC Vice-president’s post, which is now empty owing to Sharad Pawar’s promotion, may have gone to former Australian President John Howard. However, the Afro-Asian block rejected his nomination on the grounds that John Howard lacked experience as a cricket administrator. One does wonder why the same rule was not applied in case of Sharad Pawar. We all know Sharad Pawar has never played cricket, most probably not even aware of all the nitty-gritties of cricket, then how come he has continued to enjoy the top post of Cricket administrator both in India and now for entire world?

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