Tata Sky disappoints again: Blocks Fifa World Cup Final on ESPN HD

First it was the Wimbledon’s Men’s finals telecast on Star Sports HD and now it is the Fifa World Cup 2010 Finals on ESPN HD. Tata Sky seems to have developed an art of irritating its viewers by blocking the HD content just at the right times.

Owing to the football fever of Fifa World Cup 2010, several DTH companies came out with their HD set-top boxes which allows you to view programs in a 1080i resolution with a 5.1 channel surround sound option. Tata Sky, Airtel, Sun Direct and Reliance Big TV must have gained a lot of costumers because this was probably the best time to sell the HD set-top boxes.

However, when you pay Rs. 2700 to buy a HD box to view just four channels, all you want is that the service will be delivered as promised. Not sure about other DTH providers, but at least Tata Sky has not followed its commitment well. Tata Sky sold its HD set top boxes with an assurance of showing Wimbledon and FIFA World Cup 2010 matches Live on HD. Watching these matches on HD was quite impressive with crystal clear pictures and excellent sounds. However, Tata Sky messed up the final matches big time.

First, On Wimbledon’s Men’s Final day, Tata Sky HD completely blocked the broadcast of its Star Sports HD channel. All one could see on the channel was a message saying “This channel is not a part of your subscription.” Later that day, the channel was even removed from the list of channels. Tata Sky did not even care to apologize to its customers about this mistake.

Now, on 11th July, just before the extra time was about to end of the Fifa World Cup final match between Spain and Netherlands, Tata Sky blocked its ESPN HD channel. Spain had just scored and last few minutes of the game were left and excitement was all around. Suddenly what you get is a blank screen informing you that “This channel is not a part of your subscription.” How irritating! The remaining minutes of the match was viewable on the normal ESPN channel, but that’s besides the point. If I paid for a HD set top box and all because i wanted to watch the World Cup matches in HD, I deserved to watch the match till the end.

I believe, just like Star Sports HD, Tata Sky will be removing ESPN HD from its channel list as well. So if you are planning to buy the HD box think well, as for the price of Rs. 2600, you will just be getting two channels: Nat Geo HD and Discovery HD.

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