Uttarbanga Express Train hits Vananchal Express at Birbhoom Station

In a train accident tragedy that happened at the Birbhoom station in West Bengal around 2 a.m. on Monday morning, Uttarbanga Express Train hit a stationary Vananchal Express train.

3404 down Bhagalpur-Ranchi Vananchal Express got delayed on its route from Bhagalpur to Ranchi and was stationary at the Birbhoom station on platform number 4. 3148 Down Bihar-Sealdah Uttarbanga Express was on schedule and although it was crossing a station, the train is said to have been moving at a very high speed.

The accident happened at Santhia station which is about 190 km from Howrah. Over 50 people are feared dead while 100 others ave been injured. The worst hit boggies are the general boggies, which had more than 200 people. Railways don’t have information of people in the general compartment, and so it’s becoming difficult to contact the families of those injured in the acident. Three boggies of the Vananchal Express train has been completely destroyed and both dead and injured tolls is sure to rise.

uttarbanga vananchal train accident

It’s not yet clear how two trains were allowed to move on the same track. The error can be of the station master who gave the green signal to Uttarbanga Express even when the Vananchal Express was stationary there. The error can also be of the driver who may have over-looked the signal and was also driving fast.

Helpline numbers:
Jamalpur: 0634443101
Sealdah: 03323503537
Malda: 0643622061
Ranchi: 065126002364

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