Where has all the rain gone this year?

When the Indian meteorological department predicts rain, expect a day full of sun shine and vice-versa. The incompetence of the dept has been highlighted once more this year, when the met dept assured us all of a perfect rainfall, but as we see now, it’s far from true.

Rains have mostly avoided an appearance in the Northern regions of India. A day or two of sporadic rainfalls were witnessed in Delhi, but that is far from being called as normal rains. The heat and humidity has continued to trouble people in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and if the temperatures on Saturday were anything to go by, the next few days look to be equally humid.

The Met dept had predicted a 102% rainfall this year. The months of June and July were to contribute 18% and 33% respectively while August & September was to account for 49% of rains. However, till date, June and July has seen as much as 16% less rainfall and if Met departments prediction are to come true, Aug and Sep will have to bring in a lot of rains. As of now, that seems quite improbable.

The only zones getting good rainfall this year have been the sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim, Marathwada, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Rayalseema, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

After rising prices has already broken the back of common man, everyone was hoping of a perfect rainfall this year, so that farmers do not suffer. If the rainfall stays way below normal, food grain productions will be severly hampered, leading to more price rise in coming days.

You can track weather forecast across India here.

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