Extra rains in North and South, but Bihar, WB remains parched

While Northern and Southern India are getting fed-up of incessant rains, people in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal are wondering why rain has eluded them this year.

Delhi is gearing up for holding the 19th Commonwealth Games from October 3rd. As most of the Games Venues and road projects are still in the final finishing stages, what Delhi needed the least was rainfall. However for the past 4-5 days Delhi has been receiving almost non-stop rainfall. Roads are mostly waterlogged, at some places cars gt half submerged. Yamuna even breached the security mark on Saturday and was flowing 11 cms above the mark. The Organizing Committee for Commonwealth Games may be thanking rain God though, hoping to pin the blame for shoddy preparations on rain.

weather conditions in India

Down South, weather has remained mostly pleasant. Pondicherry has seen good rains but that has disappointed some tourists who have to stay in their hotel rooms waiting for the rains to stop.

However, while other parts of India has been getting extra rains, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal have reported about 50% less rains. These states have declared drought-hit districts and requested the Govt to help them out.

Conditions are expected to remain the same for Sunday and the next few days.

You can track India Weather Forecast for next 7 days here.

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