How low can Congress stoop now?

It seems like Congress is testing the patience of Indian public. If rising prices and heavy money laundering by its Ministers in Commonwealth Games was not enough, Congress is now even supporting anti-national statements from its coalition ministers like Mamata Banerjee.

Ever since Congress has returned to power, the only thing it has worked on has been to burden people with more and more taxes and rising prices. Its ministers seem to be aware of the fact that this time when the nation votes, they will suffer huge loss. So, they are amassing as much personal fortunes as they can during this tenure itself.

Suresh Kalmadi and his Organizing Committee members for the upcoming Delhi Commonwealth Games have made it a point to lie at every given opportunity about the expenses incurred in CWG preparations. If it were not for Times Now and Times of India publishing proof to bring out Congress Minister Suresh kalmadi’s blatant lies, we’d still have not known a word about the irregularities. Congress now says they can’t force Kalmadi to quit CWG president’s post just 50 days before the Games are set to begin and that Kalmadi is the most experience person on hand, as he has been the President for 21 years now. But isn’t it shameful enough that a person heading Indian Games for 21 years can stoop so low and make money out of a National Pride event. Isn’t it shameful for Kalmadi that India is not expected to be anywhere near the Top 10 winning teams of the CWG Games? Is he not responsible for the present state in which Indian sports persons are.

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But if you think Congress was all about raising prices and helping corrupt ministers, you need to think again. Off late they have started to show their new face, a face which portrays a really weak party which does not have the guts to take on hand the Ministers or people who make anti-national statements. First on Sunday, Hurriyat Chief Syed Ali Shah Geelani spoke to the Kashmiris quite freely about his anti-India views. He even went to the extent of openly asking them to observe Pakistan’s foundation day as a “day of solidarity” on 14th Aug and observe Indian Independence Day as a “black day”. Not even one Minister from the Congress had the guts to come out strongly against Geelani’s statement. Our wonderful Prime Minister did speak on National Tv today saying “We can’t allow turmoil in Kashmir to continue”. Wow! Really, Mr. Prime Minister, that’s all that you got to say? All hollow words followed by inaction?

Second instance of Congress keeping mum on a question of National security came when Union Minister for Railways Mamata Banerjee openly supported the Naxals. Naxals have been killing innocent policemen and destroying public property at will of late. Stats show people dead in naxal attacks in India is far more than people who died in Kashmir because of terrorist attacks. Even Mamata Banerjee’s own Ministry, the Indian Railways, has been constantly targeted by the Maoists in the past few months, leading to deaths of several innocent people. Andhra Pradesh police recently gained some success against the naxals when they gunned down one of the most dreaded naxal leaders Cherukuri Rajkumar or Azad. However, our cabinet Minister in a gathering of over 60,000 openly questioned the killing. For petty political gains in Assembly Elections which are scheduled in West Bengal in early 2011, Mamata Banerjee decided to fore-go questions of National security. She called for a halt on anti-naxal operations and some of the absconding Maoist leaders were seen present in her rally, clearly showing the level of support being given her to the Maoist movement.

However, the ruling Congress Govt has spoken not a single word against either Geelani or Mamata Banerjee. If we go back by a year, Varun Gandhi said some bold statements against the Muslims. Congress made a huge issue out of it. So called non-religious political parties from SP to RJD to CPI all joined with the Congress to discredit Varun Gandhi. More recently, Gujarat Chief Minsiter has been made to look like a monster on the issue of killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh. Gujarat is the fastest growing state in India, yet, Congress portrays its Chief Minister in negative light, all because of the murder of a person whose house was found to be full of guns and ammunition.

Our point is that if Congress was really so concerned about National pride and security, why does it hide in its home when its own ministers speak against the national interest, when its own members loot public money openly, when Kashmir burns and when Manipur gets cut-off from the nation for days by strikes. Why can’t Congress, which has a complete majority at the Center and can take any decision it wants to, stops short all the time. the answer probably lies in the fact that Congress has run out of leaders who can really lead India ahead, leaders who are made of steel and not of useless words.

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