The curious case of Congress, Kalmadi and CWG

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The curious case of Congress, Kalmadi and CWG

Congress and Suresh Kalmadi have been put under a hugely embarrassing position after recent confirmations of money laundering in Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

While India is reeling under price rise brought to the people by the Congress Govt, we are spending over Rs. 30,000 Crore towards Commonwealth Games. In the name of National Pride, money has been laundered in the Games like water. Every day, newspaper and Tv channels are now coming out with news of how public money has been pumped in to the Games just to benefit some CWG official or Minister.
Suresh kalmadi
In 2003, the cost for Delhi Commonwealth Games was estimated to be a mere Rs. 1,899 Crore. In just five years the cost went up to a mind-blowing 30,000 Crore. Who was responsible to prepare the draft for 2003 estimates? Who approved it? How can inflation account to such increase in costs? And all this while Congress has been in power, so if it says 1,899 Crore in 2003 is equal to 30000 Crore, how can it justify it?

Congress partyA Congress party member and Commonwealth games Chief Suresh Kalmadi has been exposed quite clearly by The Times of India in the past few days. Congress has quite conveniently said that it’s a matter of CWG committee and nothing to do with the party. But if a senior Congress leader like Suresh kalmadi was really involved in the money laundering, how is it possible that Congress does not came to know about it?

The Commonwealth games stadiums are still in a mess. Delhi weather has been little freakish over the last week and the subsequent rainfalls have exposed the quality of the Games Stadiums. The newly built stadiums have been leaking water and seepage is quite evident. However, the organizing committee members are saying that its quite normal.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila DikshitRoads and other infrastructure, for which Congress led Delhi Govt is responsible, are still in shambles. Roads are being dug across Delhi. In some areas landscaping was done for beautification purposes, and surely they cost a lot of money. However, since they were doing without any kind of planning, in several areas they had to be dug up for cable works, etc.

59 days before the CWG Games are to begin, blame game has already begun. The only common name in all the blame game is of Congress. Congress led Delhi Govt and Congress leader Suresh Kalmadi were the two most important parts of organizing the Games.If now things are going bad, Congress party needs to accept the fault at least.

No country in the World would have been so disorganized while hosting a games of this proportion. But, why have we gone so wrong in our attempt to host the event? The answer is quite simple. Instead of letting the sports persons handle a sporting event, we leave politicians, ministers and bureaucracy to take the important decisions. Quite naturally, the main motive gets shifted from Games to making money. Our politicians and bureaucrats are corrupt and it is a well known fact. Besides, they know for a fact that no matter what happens, they can easily come out of it without going to jail or paying a heavy fine. What’s amazing is that the Prime Minister has spoken not a word about all the recent corruption news related to the Games or the level of unpreparedness we are in now. If the Games are really being held for National pride, is it not really important for the Prime Minister to take an active look at what is really happening with it?

We need a tough Govt which can lead India away from corruption and instill fear among corrupt officials. We need sports person’s to come out and stake claims for top positions and challenge the Govt if the position is denied. We all need to speak up so that this can be stopped and the politicians are made to understand that there days of fooling the public is over.

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3 Responses to “The curious case of Congress, Kalmadi and CWG”

  1. Silki
    3:32 am on September 24th, 2010

    Totally disgusting.

  2. nidhi kale
    5:08 pm on October 29th, 2010

    India dnt hv a proper administration which always lead to the corruption part.we dnt have transperancy in our system. In cwg govt used public money then as a public of india we all have rite to knw abt each and every activity related to cwg.kalmadi should put behind the bars for embrassing INDIA globally..

  3. rani
    2:51 am on February 3rd, 2012

    its true,veri true…vn i feel d same,bt penning ur feelings s veri easi,smthgn has 2 b done! bt whr to start frm…wat to do! s stl a question mark!

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